Finding the Reports Feature

With the Reports feature available now in the My Market tab, you can export spreadsheets that contain key information for customizable groups of ZIP codes.

Navigate to the My Market tab to begin. Select the “Reports” button next to “Quick Views” and “Advanced:”

Next, choose the type of report you would like to generate with the “Select A Report” dropdown.

With the type of report selected, your next step is to select the area that you would like to focus the report on. If the dealership has a PMA configured, then that will be your default option. Otherwise, you can choose the “[Ad Hoc]” option and select any ZIP codes that you want.


Creating Custom Areas

Once you switch to “[Ad Hoc]” mode, you have a number of options for creating your custom report area:

  1. Pick ZIPs from the Map - The interactive map allows you to select ZIP codes on-the-fly
  2. Search for ZIPs or City Names - Use the search bar to find specific ZIP codes or city names
  3. Import ZIPs - Click the “Import ZIPs” button and paste in a list of ZIP codes if you have one ready

As you select ZIP codes, you will see them highlight on the map and a green check mark will appear next to them on the ZIP/city list on the right-hand side of the page. Once you are satisfied with your list of ZIPs, click “Generate Report” and your download will begin.

If you wish to save your grouped ZIP codes for future use, be sure to click the "Save As" button above the search bar, name your custom grouping, and then click the "Save Area" button below the list of ZIPs and cities.


Report Type Suggestions?

Please submit any suggestions you have for new report types to