Experian Mosaic USA Group and Segment Listing


Group A - Power Elite

Segment A04: Picture Perfect Families

Established families of child-rearing households living in wealthy suburbs


Picture Perfect Families are very affluent households who have accumulated their wealth through long, steady professional careers. In this segment, married couples with children live in comfortable homes in urban fringe and suburban neighborhoods. The adults tend to be college- educated dual-earners with well-paying jobs in education, health care, business and technical professions. Their children are generally teenagers and young adults, with a high concentration of the latter having returned home.

Money is seemingly no object for the established couples in Picture Perfect Families. Their lofty incomes allow them to invest heavily in stocks and mutual funds, and these risk-averse people carry a lot of insurance to protect their assets. They can afford to support the arts, patronizing the theater, symphony and rock concerts. They travel frequently - both domestically and abroad - and favor the United Kingdom for longer holidays. They enjoy playing tennis, swimming, skiing and hiking. This is a strong market for attending sports games at both the college and professional levels.

In the marketplace, the teenagers of Picture Perfect Families influence the shopping behaviors of these households, buying sporting goods, consumer electronics, gaming consoles and toys. Picture Perfect Families tend to have multiple cars - and at least one SUV or CUV - in order to cart everyone to after-school games, shopping excursions and long vacations. Attracted to both domestic and foreign makes, they put their own personal stamp on their vehicles by adding a number of options.

Picture Perfect Families respond to mainstream media. They listen to the radio every day, either during their commutes or while taking their kids to various activities. They also enjoy reading newspapers, especially the local news, business, entertainment, sports and travel sections. They’re more likely than the general population to watch TV, preferring sitcoms, movies and history programs. With their relatively conservative political views, they often tune in to the commentators on Fox News along with newsmaker interview shows like "Meet the Press".

Mostly, though, Picture Perfect Families are fans of the Internet, whether they’re going online to telecommute or auction off an old Xbox on eBay. They’re enthusiastic Internet users, pointing and clicking to buy airline tickets and athletic gear, catch up on sports scores and research products and services. Unlike other very affluent segments, they’ve also taken to social media and are fond of Facebook and YouTube. Although they’re not fans of online advertising, they will use sponsored Websites to research products and, later, buy from them.

Politically, the established couples in Picture Perfect Families are traditionalists who care about their families, their jobs and their communities. They like to be team players though they’re also seen as leaders who influence others in marketplace decisions. They care strongly about their health; they take vitamins and eat a well-balanced diet. They like time-tested products and don't mind paying more for their favorite, high-quality brands. They describe themselves as practical people with an old-fashioned streak.

Who we are

Picture Perfect Families contain very wealthy and predominantly white, established families living in the suburbs of smaller cities. These adults are married in their mid-30s through 50s and are well-educated with high incomes from careers in education, health care, business and technical professions. A majority of households have at least one member with a graduate degree and about half contain dual earners. The vast majority of couples are still raising children, and few segments have a higher percentage of young adults under their roofs.

Where we live

The mid-sized families of Picture Perfect Families live in comfortable neighborhoods within the metropolitan sprawl. Their older, single-family homes tend to be valued in the mid-$300,000s - about 75 percent higher than average - and many of the dwellings were built after 1980. Although there’s no single geographic concentration to the segment, an above-average number of Picture Perfect Families are found in the Northeast and Midwest. These solid citizens are a stable segment: nearly two-thirds have lived at the same address for more than a decade.

How we live our lives

Picture Perfect Families exhibit cultured sensibilities with high rates for going to theaters, concerts and museums. They like to travel domestically, staying at hotels and all-inclusive resorts or with friends. At home, they spend their leisure time reading books, playing musical instruments or photographing their friends, family and surroundings. However, they’re also active, enjoying swimming, tennis, ice skating and downhill skiing as well as more rugged pursuits like horseback riding, canoeing and hiking. They love attending sports events, cheering both professional or college teams while enjoying elaborate tailgate parties.

The desires of older children dominate consumption here. The segment scores high for purchasing video games, flat-panel TVs, sports equipment and board games. They shop both virtual and brick-and-mortar stores and catalogs. In fact, it’s difficult to find a category that they don’t buy using catalogs; clothing, footwear, toys, games, sporting goods, crafts, home deĢcor and camping equipment are all shipped to the homes in this segment. With all that gear, they tend to drive midsized sedans, CUVs, luxury sports cars and SUVs. Since many children in this segment are old enough to drive, nearly three-quarters of households have three or more cars.

Picture Perfect Families have mainstream media tastes, scoring above-average for newspapers that cover business, entertainment, science, sports and travel. They’re also above-average TV viewers, gravitating to movies, sitcoms, history programs and biographies. These dual-income couples spend a lot of time commuting to work, so they make a strong audience for drive-time radio, especially stations that offer news, classic rock and Christian rock. Current events fans, they read newsweeklies and watch TV sitcoms like “Brothers and Sisters” and “Grey’s Anatomy”. A tough audience for advertising, they’d rather change a channel than watch a TV spot, and mostly ignore ads except when they're away from home, when in an airport, billboard and bus advertisements grab their attention.

How we view the world

The members of Picture Perfect Families are "people" people. They are team players at work, make friends easily at home and like to share information about their latest purchases with anyone who asks. But they also tend to be social traditionalists who believe it’s important to attend religious services. They’re nearly twice as likely as the general population to belong to the Republican Party. More than a third describes themselves as conservative, outscoring liberals by nearly 2 to 1.

Given their interest in current events, it’s no surprise that Picture Perfect Families take pride in being informed consumers. They have a strong concern about their appearance and tend to dress conservatively. They like to stick with favorite brands and don’t mind paying extra for quality goods. They also make an effort to be healthy, by getting regular checkups, taking vitamins and eating a balanced diet. They purchase cars based, in part, on the safety features, and they make sure to wear their seatbelts. Picture Perfect Families see themselves as practical people.

Admittedly late adopters when it comes to technology, they try to keep up with the latest developments but invariably ask for friends’ advice before buying a new gadget. Despite their fondness for catalog shopping, these privacy-conscious Americans are happy to restrict their names from direct marketers’ mailing lists.

How we get by

These established couples are known for their stable finances and conservative investment philosophy. With their high incomes and substantial income-producing assets, they have well- diversified retirement accounts filled with mutual funds, stocks, money market accounts and savings bonds. Picture Perfect Families are more than twice as likely as average to own more than $100,000 in stocks and mutual funds. They’re also twice as likely as average Americans to own CDs and have cash management accounts at banks. Many carry multiple credit cards - including those for department stores and specialty shops - in addition to debit cards. They own a lot of insurance - they cover their cars, homes, health and life. They’re three times as likely to have more than half a million dollars in life insurance. As a result of their careful money management, they have solid credit ratings, allowing them to qualify easily for home equity loans, lines of credit and auto loans.

Digital behavior

Picture Perfect Families are always plugged in. These dual-income families use the Internet for utilitarian purposes, with high rates for going online to comparison shop, book airline tickets and research products and services. But they also appreciate the social features of the Internet and are much more likely than average to frequent eBay, Facebook, YouTube and iTunes. These households like cable modems to access the Internet - from home and the office - but they also have high rates for going online through smartphones. The working couples here typically have home offices to support their online habit, along with plenty of computer peripherals.

These consumers are not big fans of online advertising - they avoid email and Web page ads, but they will respond to sponsored Websites and links that provide helpful information about a potential purchase. They admit that the Internet is changing their work and home life: it’s the first place they look for information and it has permanently changed the way they shop.