Experian Mosaic USA Group and Segment Listing


Group K - Significant Singles

Segment K38: Gotham Blend

Mix of middle-aged and middle-class singles and couples living urban New York City-area lifestyles


Gotham Blend are ethnically-diverse singles, couples and divorced individuals who are high- school and college graduates, with high concentrations of Hispanics, Asians and African Americans. There’s a multicultural atmosphere to their dense urban neighborhoods concentrated in the New York metro area. Nearly two-thirds of households live in low- and high-rise apartments, priced out of owning in-town houses and condos that average more than $440,000. In their 40s and 50s, they can afford their monthly rents thanks to a variety of jobs in white-collar professions, sales and the service sector. Even though most Gotham Blend have lived at the same residence for fewer than seven years, many of the foreign-born are well-assimilated. Nevertheless, this segment often speaks Spanish in their homes and the marketplace.

Gotham Blend pursue active urban lifestyles. They take advantage of their downtown settings by frequenting movies, museums and comedy clubs. They exercise at local health clubs, play tennis and jog to maintain a fit appearance for the dating scene. When they return to their apartments, they like to read books and magazines and listen to reggae and adult contemporary music.

With their fondness for shopping and desire to impress others, Gotham Blend makes a good market for a number of product categories. They like to shop for designer clothes at discount chains. They pick up consumer electronics for gaming and online communications. Toys are popular in the one in five households that have children. However, with many folks in this segment living near their jobs or public transportation, there’s little interest in owning cars. When they want to travel, which is relatively rarely, they often take a bus.

Even with a high concentration of immigrants, this segment enjoys both English-language and ethnic media. These households like subscribing to magazines that cover parenting, entertainment and women’s issues, and they watch movies, soaps and news on TV. They have relatively modest interest in using new media, though they go online for dating, chat and watching video content. They count on both old and new media to keep up with news from their home countries.

Gotham Blend are eager to get ahead in their new country. They’re comfortable putting in extra hours at work, and they’re always looking for opportunities for advancement. Politically, they tend to be liberals who advocate tolerance for those from other cultures and countries. However, these big-city residents are also realists and worry about threats to their livelihoods. Although they’re only as likely as the average to register to vote, they’re still willing to join a protest march to make their voices heard.

Who we are

Gotham Blend are an eclectic meĢlange of couples, never-married and divorced singles, Hispanics, Asians, African Americans and whites. The predominant age is 45 to 65 years old and most households are childless. Some 40 percent are members of an ethnic group. The educational level is about average, with half of segment members having gone to college. Their job profile is extremely diverse; members of this segment work in professional and technical sectors as well as sales and the service sector. Many hold jobs in transportation, communications, food services and the law.

Where we live

Gotham Blend are found in only a handful of the nation’s largest metros, and some 65 percent live in New York City enclaves like the boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx. Housing is expensive - the average value of a condominium or single-family home is nearly $440,000 - so most residents in these older neighborhoods rent a pad in funky brownstones or aging apartment buildings. In fact, a majority of the buildings were built before 1950, which keeps rents from being too outrageous. With some 40 percent of households headed by minorities, there’s a multicultural atmosphere to the streets, cafes and shops. Most residents have lived at their residence fewer than seven years, and 16 percent prefer speaking their native language to English.

How we live our lives

Gotham Blend lead comfortable lifestyles constrained only by their mid-scale budgets. They go to movies, museums, dance performances and comedy clubs. They get their exercise by going to health clubs to jog and play tennis. At home, they like to relax by reading books, listening to music - salsa, reggae and hip hop are popular - and pursuing a hobby like photography. They’re not much on taking trips and, when they do go to visit friends or family, it’s often by bus. Their idea of gambling is going to a church to play bingo.

Gotham Blend are enthusiastic shoppers who find joy in consumption. With many unattached individuals, they seek out new stores and new styles to impress the opposite sex. Aspirational consumers, Gotham Blend like to wear the latest designer fashions but end up shopping at discount chains such as Burlington Coat Factory, BJ’s Wholesale Club and Payless Shoe Source. They will splurge on consumer electronics such as MP3 players, gaming systems and DVD players, but their taste in other home furnishings is relatively modest. With one in five households with children, this segment also will buy children’s games and toys. What they don’t have are cars to haul around bikes and band instruments. In these dense urban neighborhoods, curbside parking is rare.

In Gotham Blend, members appreciate a wide range of media. Most members speak English in their homes, so they’re not restricted to ethnically-targeted media. Magazines are considered to be their favorite source of entertainment, and they read publications like Parents, Real Simple, InStyle and Marie Claire. They’re average fans of TV and like watching movies, soaps, news and animation; Cinemax, BET and ESPN Classic are among their favorite cable channels. These households also enjoy TV ads, which they watch to help keep them informed. While those foreign-born try to keep up with news from their country, they’re interested in becoming more assimilated through English-language media as well.

How we view the world

Gotham Blend are driven to achieve personal success. They like to live life intensely and think it’s important to continue to learn new things. Self-described workaholics, many came to the city to improve their lot, and want to advance in their careers or set up their own business. If they face an obstacle, they say they’ll keep trying until they succeed.

These Americans also have an ethical, altruistic streak: they support equality for all and care about protecting the environment. Politically, Gotham Blend are 40 percent more likely than average Americans to describe themselves as “very liberal”. These are the activists Democrats who willingly march in support of tolerance for other cultures, protecting the environment and recycling at home. Still, the realities of city living have also tempered their liberalism: they’re tough on crime and pollution.

Gotham Blend seek respect from others, especially for their creativity, interest in new and different products, and willingness to stand out in a crowd. These city dwellers say they have a keen sense of adventure and like to do things on the spur of the moment. However, their overriding goal is to keep changing their life for the better.

How we get by

Gotham Blend tend to be financial rookies. They admit they’re not good at saving money and they think that investing on Wall Street is too risky. Despite their solid incomes - averaging nearly $66,000 - very few have built up any substantial savings. Most ignore investments like stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Compared to the general population, they’re only half as likely to have a 401(k) or IRA account.

To manage their expenses, many carry credit cards and clothing store charge cards, but they rarely pay off their balances each month. These consumers also like debit cards and, given their active lifestyle, those cards may be the only way they interact with their banks; many always use cash to pay their bills. Gotham Blend believe that it’s important to be well insured, and they do carry renter’s insurance and a relatively modest amount of life insurance. Although they’re not a strong market for financial services, they do shop for the best deal before making a move and try to refrain from accumulating too much debt.

Digital behavior

Gotham Blend are moderately savvy when it comes to the digital world. Many use the Internet as a communications and entertainment channel. They join chat forums, search job sites, send instant messages and watch TV programs. They participate in social media, including uploading their own videos and photos, and some have their own blogs and many frequent sites dedicated to sports (baseball, football, tennis and horse racing) and entertainment (movies, music, arts and personalities). In this segment, households are frequent surfers to Websites like nydailynews.com, iwon.com, qvc.com, popeater.com and hulu.com. These early tech adopters long ago started to use their cell phones to access the Internet. However, because of their modest incomes, they’re not big online spenders, exhibiting only average interest in shopping online - unless they can score coupons from sites like groupon.com.