Experian Pop-up

Finding the Experian Data

The DPS brings together multiple data sets to not only show you where the best areas are model-by-model, but also to provide you with the keys to reaching those shoppers. That piece of the puzzle is filled in by Experian's demographic and psychographic data.

Navigate to the My Market tab to begin. Select the Market Opportunity Quick View to see the ZIP codes where there were 2 or more new, on-brand vehicles registered by your competitors:

Next, click on any highlighted ZIP code to see how many new vehicles you missed out on. In the example below, this dealer missed out on all 5:

Now you've spotted a good ZIP code to target more aggressively going forward, but let's learn more about car shoppers there. Click on the arrow icon in the top-right corner of the ZIP code box to switch to Experian demographic and psychographic data:


Interpreting the Data

We are now looking at a breakdown of all households that purchased or leased a new vehicle last year. The demographic pop-up is broken into 4 main sections:

  1. Mosaic Profiles - Top 3 demographic segments to give you a better understanding of who these shoppers are. To get a more in-depth explanation of each segment, refer to our Experian Mosaic profiles encyclopedia.
  2. Household Stats - Total number of car-buying households in the ZIP code, plus the average annual income of those households.
  3. Media - Know which type of advertising works best with these shoppers, as well as which method is the best way to reach them.
  4. Messaging - Tailor your content to match what resonates most with these car shoppers

In this example, car shoppers in this West Newton ZIP code are wealthy, older couples who prefer newspaper to PPC advertising, and whose preference for direct mail is on par with email. To get their attention, you will want to create ads focused on your dealership's stellar reputation and role in the community, and you may want to think about incentivizing them with a free gift.