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Group C - Booming with Confidence - 5.34% of households

Prosperous, established couples in their peak earning years living in suburban homes


The four segments in Booming with Confidence contain married couples in their peak earning years and approaching retirement. Many of the households have dual incomes and few children, allowing them to afford fashionable homes on small, manicured yards in city and suburban neighborhoods. Having made a conscious effort to distance themselves from the noise and chaos of the urban core, they’ve retreated to the quiet and predominantly white homogeneity of desirable neighborhoods only a short commute from their jobs.

Most households in Booming with Confidence are found in relatively new subdivisions in the West and Northeast on tree-lined streets worth more than $330,000. With a majority having lived at the same address for more than 15 years, many have built up equity in their homes that supports their comfortable lifestyles and leisure activities. Their houses are also large enough to accommodate the quarter of households that have a young adult still living at home.

With six-figure incomes, Booming with Confidence are at the peak of their careers in white-collar professions in business, law, public administration, education and science. Given their college degrees and foreign travel, there’s a cultured air to these segments. If they fly a flag above their front door, it’s rarely an American flag; one depicting flowers, pets, or their college alma mater is much more common.

Booming with Confidence tend to have sophisticated tastes. With their well-appointed homes, solid incomes and diversified portfolios, they can afford to live the good life. They like to spend on nightlife, going to plays, concerts, movies and restaurants. On weekends, they can be seen touring museums and antique shops, always on the lookout for objects to add to their collections. They travel widely, taking getaways to Caribbean beaches and visiting nearly every country in Europe at more than twice the national average. At home, they like to relax by reading, gardening and entertaining friends and family. Their end tables are stacked with old copies of Smithsonian, The New Yorker, Gourmet and Metropolitan Home.

As consumers, Booming with Confidence have conservative tastes; they’re attracted to classic fashions that have stood the test of time and mid-range sedans from both domestic and foreign automakers. With many still in the workforce or volunteering for charitable causes, they wear smart styles and designer labels they find at favorite mall retailers like Nordstrom, Talbots, Anne Taylor and Chico’s. Many patronize local shops they’ve frequented for years when stocking up on wine, gourmet food and books. They’d never qualify as early adopters, but they like to equip their homes with the latest flat-screen TVs and carry new smartphones. These folks pride themselves on quiet good taste rather than ostentatious display.

Despite their busy lifestyles, Booming with Confidence make time for traditional media. They watch an average amount of TV, enjoying the programming on cable networks like A&E, CNN, ESPN, History, National Geographic, TCM and the Travel Channel. Radio is popular among these daily commuters, especially the stations that offer news, sports, classic hits, golden oldies and classical music. Among Booming with Confidence segments, though, nothing compares to their obsession with traditional print media. They read daily newspapers from cover to cover and subscribe to science, travel and news magazines. No fans of advertising, they will, nevertheless, read ads in print media and are receptive to the messages that appear in movie theaters.

Booming with Confidence are active in their communities, and they frequently belong to arts groups, veterans’ clubs and churches and synagogues. Politically, they tend to be moderates with a disproportionate number affiliated with the Republican Party. However, these centrists rarely take strong stands on many social issues and only a small percentage will ever be seen marching in a protest. That doesn’t mean they’re unwilling to donate money to causes that take tough stands on contentious issues, though. Indeed, many members of this group say they support a variety of charitable organizations because, intellectually and morally, it’s the right thing to do.

Digital behavior

The older couples in this group make a solid audience for digital media. They use the Internet for utilitarian purposes: to trade stocks, get news, book airline tickets and follow the leaders on the PGA tour. Increasingly, these silver surfers are going online to shop, both gathering information about products and making purchases. Although they’re still not comfortable using social networks, they do go online to stay in touch with family and friends by sending emails and photographs to loved ones.