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Own Your Backyard

April 2015

Own Your Backyard.

When things are going well, is conquesting your default? Own your PMA first with this laser targeted approach to winning market share.

Five Way to Move that Model

November 2014

Five Ways to Move That Model

Stuck with a Slow Seller? Salivating over A Spiff? Hypertarget your marketing to find the right buyers in the right places

How to be a Data Driven Dealer e-Book

July 2014

How to be a Data-Driven Dealer

Answer these seven questions with the data at your disposal and take control of your marketing, advertising and inventory success.

conversion eBook

January 2014

Conversion Clinic

The Marketing metric you should be obsessing about - why VDPs are OUT and Value Per Page is IN! It's time for a more clear-eyed view of the VDP, and a new metric that helps dealers quality over quantity and get really granular on the subject of ROI: Value per page.

conversion eBook

October 2013

Vendor Checklist

Take a spin through our Vendor Checklist to make sure you're using data (and good old common sense) to make the most of your vendor relationships.

conversion eBook

January 2013

Inventory Merchandising

Master the essentials to turn faster, hold more gross, and attract customers with less effort and fewer clicks.


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