What is Dealer Intelligence?

String’s Dealer Positioning System® collects, sorts, and cross-references all of the rich data available to the automotive industry, and converts it into clear action plans for each unique dealership’s local market. The DPS, combined with the proactive, hands-on analysis that String and our agency partners provide our clients every month, helps dealers make empowered decisions about every advertising dollar they spend and car they stock.

dealership intelligence
  • 5 ways to move that model

    APRIL 2015

    Own Your Backyard.

    When things are going well, is conquesting your default? Own your PMA first with this laser targeted approach to winning market share

  • 5 ways to move that model

    APRIL 2015

    Join the String Sesh.

    Join our biweekly hangout and ask our Market Intelligence Analysts your burning questions

  • 5 ways to move that model

    NOVEMBER 2014

    Five Ways to Move That Model

    Stuck with a Slow Seller? Salivating over A Spiff? Hypertarget your marketing to find the right buyers in the right places


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