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Rose Howlett
"Since we started with String Automotive over a year ago, our month over month share continues to increase. We knew we were receiving more leads, but wanted to really dig into just how much better we have been doing since implementing the solution. After looking over the numbers, we found an increase of high value users up to 29% in some stores, and even more impressive, a market share increase of up to 38% in some stores since implementing String Automotive. We could not be happier with the results."
Ashton Brown
"The DPS gives dealers real tangible data to go over with their ad agency as to why or why not specific media buys may or may not work. We are no longer in a, 'let's hope this works' era of automotive marketing. You had better bring data to the table when planning your ad budget."
Dan Fontaine
"The String DPS really allows Colonial to review the reach of all our marketing efforts…it's intuitive, unique and caters to both managers that need a deep dive and those simply looking for a quick snapshot."
Paul Schnell
"There is no 'I wonder if...' with the Dealer Positioning System®. It's now, 'I know it and I can act on it today. Their latest tools give us zip-code-level intelligence that's just not available at the dealer level any other way. We are micro-targeting the perfect message with the perfect vehicle to the perfect prospect."
Cathy Nesbit
"Hands down the most useful analytical tool I've ever used. You will know what advertising works for you, what changes to make to your budgets, what vehicles are moving and which ones need special pricing. This tool helps you answer the big ROI question and directs you to more efficient spending. What's more valuable than that?"
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