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10% rebate on List purchases up to 100% cost of the DPS

NO List purchase requirements

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with a minimum quarterly List purchase of 15K names

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with a minimum quarterly List purchase of 45K names

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About the STRING DPS

The String Dealer Positioning System® makes it easy to identify opportunity in your market and develop a battle plan to gain market share and exceed your sales goals.

String Automotive’s Dealership Intelligence Platform, the Dealer Positioning System®, takes the pulse of your dealership and your local market and guides you to make the most profitable, proactive decisions for your store and unique situation. When used in concert with vendors and agency partners, this powerful analytics solution simplifies choices like how to spend marketing dollars, what inventory to stock and where to conquest by letting your data speak for itself.

We do this by combining multiple sources of data from inside and outside the dealership to provide a rich, actionable view of your local market and an objective view of what – and who – is working for your dealership. But the DPS goes beyond just identifying current wins and potential issues, providing a visual view of your data that saves time, shapes strategy and makes money for your store. With the DPS, you’ll understand not only what models to market, but where and how to market them by targeting the right prospects with the right message, at the right time.

How do I get started with the String DPS?

  • Contact our sales team for package pricing and payment authorization
  • Provide your Google Analytics credentials – OAuth access is all that’s required
  • Upload your data. Our team is here to help get your DMS and vendor data connected
  • Login daily and begin sharing insights with your team

String Automotive’s Dealer Positioning System® or DPS empowers auto dealers and their agency and vendor partners to make the most profitable, proactive and data-based decisions for each unique dealership and market.


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