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Answer questions you didn’t know you had with real-time data analytics using our Dealership Intelligence Platform, the DEALER POSITIONING SYSTEM

  • Is my market where I think it is?

  • Am I spending my marketing dollars in the right place?

  • What’s my market share by ZIP code?

  • Who’s my true competition?

  • Where do my ideal customers live?

  • Where are my hottest conquesting opportunities?

  • What models should I be promoting, and at what margin?

  • What campaigns and vendors are working for me?

Ashton Brown

Ashton Brown

Heritage VW
Digital Marketing Director

Heritage VW



Heritage VW

Union City, GA

"Using the DPS daily helps me communicate mission critical information with our Dealer Principal and General Managers. For the first time, we can view the entire digital story, from site visitors to market share. The DPS saves our team time and removes the frustration associated with interpreting multiple data sources… the DPS is a game changer."
Tommy Mcgee

Tommy McGee

Kelly Ford
Internet Director

Kelly Ford



Kelly Ford

Melbourne, FL


"I feel like I’m a crackhead, and String is my dealer. I can get Google Analytics anywhere, but String’s reporting really helps me understand where people are coming from and what they’re doing before they hit my lot."
Paul Atkinson

Paul Atkinson

Ehrlich Toyota
Internet Sales Director

Ehrlich Toyota



Ehrlich Toyota

Greeley, CO

"[The String DPS] is like a Swiss Army Knife, with several digital marketing tools in one. It provides a clear picture of the effectiveness of my marketing efforts, with actionable data I can use immediately."
Dan Fontaine

Dan Fontaine

Colonial Automotive Group
E-Commerce Director

colonial automotive group



Colonial Automotive Group

Rooftops across Massachusetts


"The String DPS really allows Colonial to review the reach of all our marketing efforts…it’s intuitive, unique and caters to both managers that need a deep dive and those simply looking for a quick snapshot."
Cathy Nesbit

Cathy Nesbit

Harry Robinson GMC
Social Media Specialist

Harry Robinson



Harry Robinson GMC

Fort Smith, AK

"Fills the huge gaping void between a stack of information and what to do with it…hands down the most useful analytical tool I’ve ever used. You will know what advertising works for you, what changes to make to make to your budgets, what vehicles are moving and which ones need special pricing. This tool helps you answer the big ROI question and directs you to more efficient spending. What’s more valuable than that?"
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    • kelly ford
    • ehrlich toyota
    • Colonial Auto
    • Harry Robinson

Put your customers on the map

Outsmart the competition with a dynamic view of your market.


See whether your strategy is efficient

Evaluate campaign, vendors, and lead sources to understand what's converting, at what cost

Know what’s SITTING in your market

Match your inventory with consumer demand and develop a plan of action for each vehicle on your lot


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