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Steve Stein

Steve Stein

Gallery Automotive Group
General Manager

Gallery Group



Gallery Automotive Group


"Other companies may say they provide analytics, but the String Dealer Positioning System is the first solution we’ve seen that not only provides a true picture of what’s happening within the dealership, but insight into how to act on that data."
Ashton Brown

Ashton Brown

Heritage VW
Digital Marketing Director

Heritage VW



Heritage VW

Union City, GA

"The DPS gives dealers real tangible data to go over with their ad agency as to why or why not specific media buys may or may not work. We are no longer in a, 'let's hope this works' era of automotive marketing. You had better bring data to the table when planning your ad budget."
Tommy Mcgee

Chris Hatch

Kuni Lexus
Brand Development Director

Kelly Ford



Kuni Lexus

Portland, OR


"With the DPS, I am able to quickly create extremely targeted marketing campaigns that have proven to outperform historical efforts. String synthesizes multiple data sources in a way that empowers you to make effective marketing and inventory decisions. There are very few products that I highly recommend; this is one of them."
Dan Fontaine

Dan Fontaine

Colonial Automotive Group
E-Commerce Director

colonial automotive group



Colonial Automotive Group

Rooftops across Massachusetts


"The String DPS really allows Colonial to review the reach of all our marketing efforts…it’s intuitive, unique and caters to both managers that need a deep dive and those simply looking for a quick snapshot."
Cathy Nesbit

Cathy Nesbit

Harry Robinson GMC
Social Media Specialist

Harry Robinson



Harry Robinson GMC

Fort Smith, AK

"Fills the huge gaping void between a stack of information and what to do with it…hands down the most useful analytical tool I’ve ever used. You will know what advertising works for you, what changes to make to make to your budgets, what vehicles are moving and which ones need special pricing. This tool helps you answer the big ROI question and directs you to more efficient spending. What’s more valuable than that?"
Paul Snell

Paul Schnell

Wilsonville Toyota
Digital Marketing Director

Harry Robinson



Wilsonville Toyota

Wilsonville, OR

"There is no 'I wonder if...' with the Dealer Positioning System. It's now, 'I know it and I can act on it today. Their latest tools give us zip-code-level intelligence that's just not available at the dealer level any other way. We are micro-targeting the perfect message with the perfect vehicle to the perfect prospect."
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What can data do for you?

Review the latest data-driven marketing and inventory strategies and learn how the String Dealer Positioning System® can customize a battle plan to meet all of your sales goals with our latest eBooks.

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